Dr. Maliha Zahid and CardioTrak, Innovation Challenge win

Maliha Zahid, Research Instructor, in Developmental Biology, and her team CardioTrak (Cecilia LoYijen WuTimothy FeinsteinNeal Scott Mason), won first place in the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Challenge (PINCH) and will receive 100K to go towards furthering their idea. Zahid's PhD thesis work led to the identification of a small, 12-amino acid Cardiac Targeting Peptide or CTP, that is taken up by myocytes after a peripheral intravenous injection, in an organ-specific manner, with peak uptake achieved at 30 minutes post-injection. They now are going to study CTP's ability to direct radio-isotopes to the heart in order to reduce amount of radiation necessary for imaging the heart as well as improving image quality by improving signal-to-noise ratio. 

Video of winning submission.

Additional coverage of work.