William Devine

  • Visiting Research Instructor

My research interest is in the morphology of congenital malformations, most specifically in the malformations of the heart and diagnosing malformations in mice using Microcomputed tomography (MicroCT), Micromagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Episcopic fluorescence image capture (EFIC) techniques. In addition, I assist in the dissection and evaluation of complex cardiac specimens for the Pathology Department of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and educate medical students, cardiac fellows and allied health professionals about the morphology of malformed cardiac specimens.

Representative Publications

Xiaoqin Liu, Hisato Yagi, Shazina Saeed, Abha S. Bais, George C. Gabriel, Zhaohan Chen, Kevin  A. Peterson, You Li, Molly C. Schwartz, William T. Reynolds, Brian Gibbs, Yijen Wu, William Devine, Nikolai T. Klena, Manush  Saydmohammed, Dennis Kostka, Karen de Mesy Bentley, Madhavi K.Ganapathiraju, Phillip Dexheimer, Linda  Leatherbury, Omar Khalifa, Anchit Bhagat, Maliha Zahid, William Pu, Simon Watkins, Paul Grossfeld, MichaelTsang,  Stephen Murray, George A. Porter, Jr., Lisa J.Martin, D.Woodrow.Benson,  Bruce J. Aronow, Cecilia W.  Lo. The complex genetics of hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  Nature genetics. Published online 22 May 2017.

Gregory Pazour, Jovenal San Agustin, Nikolai Klena, Kristi Granath, Ashok Panigrahy, Eileen Stewart, William Devine, Lara Strittmatter, Julie Jonassen, Xiaoqin Liu, and Cecilia Lo. Genetic Link between Renal Birth Defects and Congenital Heart Disease.  Nature Communications. [Paper #NCOMMS-15-21414B].
Liu X, Francis R, Kim AJ, Ramirez R, Chen G, Subramanian R, Anderton S, Kim Y, Wong L, Morgan   J, Pratt HC, Reinholdt  L, Devine W, Leatherbury L, Tobita K, Lo CW.  Interrogating congenital heart defects with noninvasive fetal echocardiography in a mouse forward genetic screen. Circulation: Cardiovasc Imaging. 2014 Jan; 7(1):31-42. Published  online December 6, 2013.

Kim AJ, Francis R, Liu X  Devine WA,  Ramirez R, Anderton SJ, Wong LY, Faruque F, Gabriel GC, Chung W, Leatherbury L, Tobita K, Lo CW. Microcomputed tomography provides high accuracy congenital heart disease diagnosis in neonatal and fetal mice.  Circ Cardiovasc Imaging.2013 Jul;6(4):551-9.

Francis RJ, Christopher A, Devine WA, Ostrowski LE, Lo C. Congenital heart disease and the specification of left-right  asymmetry.  Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2012 May 15;302(10): H2102-11, Epub 2012 Mar 9.
Horn KD, Devine WA.  An approach to dissecting the congenitally malformed heart in theforensic autopsy:  The value of sequential segmental analysis.  Am J of Forensic Medicine and Pathology  22(4): 405-411, 2001.  

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